Archaeological dig in West Rehoboth reveals life of early settlers

An archaeological study in West Rehoboth has revealed new information about Delaware’s earliest settlers.

The dig turned up 11 well-preserved burial sites dating to the late 1600s. The remains discovered at the sites provide a picture of colonists’ health, diet, work and family life.

“Delaware’s history is rich, fascinating and deeply personal to many of us who call this state home,” said Secretary of State Jeff Bullock. “Discoveries like this help us add new sharpness to our picture of the past, and I’m deeply grateful to the passionate community of historians, scientists and archeologists who have helped bring these new revelations to light.”

The sites were spread across the location of Avery’s Rest, a 17th century plantation owned by local judge John Avery. The property was slated for development in 2005 until the first round of surveys and excavations turned up the sites.

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