Avoid These Sales Nightmares To Serve Up Success

Melissa MossCorporate Sales LeadThe Alias Group   Website Combine a lazy and very rainy afternoon and an extremely entertaining YouTube clip of some very bad meals and you get a four-hour binge of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. Somewhere between the restaurant serving chicken wrapped shrimp and the undercooked lamb with chocolate syrup, I started thinking…

Eliminate the Generation Gap

Mike PattersonPresidentThe Alias Group Website While managing multi-generational employees in the workplace presents the challenges discussed in last month’s piece, it also offers opportunities to evolve and improve on a number of levels. Rather than dividing the generations on their differences, bring them together to augment their strengths. Harness the power of a multi-generational mix…

CRM Playoff Runs

Maybe some day those lifelike robots will conduct sales calls and sell used cars, but I’m certain I’ll be retired before AI advances to that level. If it does at all. In truth, personal relationships still matter and are one of our most important advantages over the machines.