Friess offers small cap fund with lower minimum investments

Friess Associates, the Greenville company that launched the popular Brandywine Fund in 1985, is launching the Friess Small Cap Growth Fund. It is the first time Friess has made its small-cap services widely available.

Previously, only institutions and high-net-worth individuals could access the firm’s small-cap services due to high investment minimums.

The new Friess Small Cap Growth Fund’s investment minimum is $2,000 for the fund’s investor class, which will trade under the ticker symbol SCGNX.

Friess Small Cap Growth Fund is designed to capitalize on the relationship between earnings performance and stock prices by holding companies experiencing above-average earnings growth that also show promise to exceed consensus earnings expectations, according to Scott Gates, chief investment officer.

While the fund’s market-cap characteristics reflect its small-cap focus, the portfolio’s sector weightings result from a bottom-up, company-by-company approach and do not reflect the composition of any market index.

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