Government efficiency group submits budget recommendations

The Government Efficiency and Accountability Review Board, formed by Gov. John Carney early in his term, released its first annual report on Wednesday.

The report identified ways for state agencies to improve services, save money in the long term, and operate more efficiently through cost sharing and better recruitment and retention.

“Since taking office in January, I have talked to Delawareans about our commitment to operating state government more efficiently, and identifying cost savings so we can direct resources where they are most needed,” Carney said. “We remain committed to improving the way we deliver state services, and spending taxpayer dollars responsibly. That’s what Delawareans expect.”

The board submitted the report on December 1, so it can be included in the recommended state budget. Gov. Carney will present his 2019 budget on January 25 in Dover.

“GEAR seeks to provide the process effectiveness and transparency that Delaware citizens expect from their government,” said James Myran, executive director of GEAR, and Bryan Sullivan, director of management efficiency at the Office of Management and Budget. “Input from the public and employees received through the GEAR website has been great. This input will help us identify and drive recommendations for continued improvements throughout the state.”

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