2017 Hen Hatch entrepreneurship competition announced

Winners of the Hen Hatch competition were announced on Tuesday at World Café Live at the Queen. Six teams pitched their business concepts to a panel of judges, competing for prizes totaling $100,000.

Hen Hatch is hosted by the University of Delaware’s Horn Program in Entrepreneurship. The start-up competition has two different tracks, one for UD students and one for alumni, faculty and staff.

The first place student award for $21,00 went to GeoSwap, a social networking app focused on cities. The team includes Keith Doggett and Jason Bramford, both engineering students, and business student Jordan Gonzalez.

The second place award for $12,000 went to Revive, a mobile application that allows women to swap clothing with other users. The team includes entrepreneurship masters student Rachel Weinberger, senior accounting major Palina Ivanova, junior marketing major Avalon Greene and sophomore entrepreneurship major Emma Lynch.

The third place award for $3,000 went to Influencia, a marketing platform founded by junior economics major Danilo Vicioso that brings businesses and influencers together.

Among faculty and alumni, the first place prize for $17,500 went to Vibrating Therapeutic Apparel (VTA), which offers wearable, therapeutic products that use vibration technology to help alleviate pain for amputees. The team includes 2016 business and engineering graduate Amira Idris and current engineering student Danielle Dubay-Betters.

The second place prize of $7,500 went to Strados Labs, which was founded by CEO Nick Delmonico, a Lerner College alum. Strados Labs develops Pulmawear, a wearable asthma-monitoring device.

The third place prize of $3,000 went to TenantU, a portal that makes tenancy simpler for both tenants and landlords. The TenantU team includes alumnus Jacob Jeifa, Wilson Hu, Krzysztof Czerwinski and current junior computer science major Alex Carr.

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