Advanced manufacturing by the numbers

The National Association of Manufacturers gives us some statistical insights into Delaware manufacturing and its place in the state and in the worldwide economy. Here is the picture that it paints using the most recent information:

1. Delaware’s total export to foreign countries is dominated by our manufactured products — 96 percent of the state’s global exports come from the manufacturing sector.

2. Major export markets are, in order, Canada, the U.K., China, Japan and Germany.

3. In spite of its importance in the export market, manufacturing accounts for only about 7 percent of Delaware’s total gross product.

4. There are around 750 manufacturing establishments in the state, employing about 12,000 people. That number accounts for almost 6 percent of the state’s overall employment in the private, non-farm sector.

5. Average annual compensation of employees engaged in manufacturing is in excess of $70,000.

6. The total worth of Delaware’s manufactured goods is almost $5 billion.

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