Attorney Data Engine advances legal analytics

Lex Machina, a LexisNexis company and creator of Legal Analytics recently released Attorney Data Engine, which aims to improve the quality and accuracy of attorney data for District Court cases.

Lex Machina will provide lawyers with complete data about who worked on what case. The aim is to help them land more clients and possibly win more cases.

“With our new Attorney Data Engine, Lex Machina continues to innovate and push the boundaries of legal analytics,” said Karl Harris, vice president of products at  Lex Machina. 

Lex Machina’s Attorney Data Engine mines attorney and law firm information from PACER, its signature block analyzer, which will initially be available in New Jersey and Delaware, extracts data from the signature blocks of court documents so client see all attorneys who worked on a case. Its pro had vice extractor identifies and associates attorneys with cases for which they were admitted pro had vice, information that is often missing from basic counsel data. It also stores daily historic snapshots of PACER data, providing information about which attorneys and law firms worked for which clients at any given time.

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