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Businesses fortunate enough to have people at the top of the organizational chart who are committed to growing and becoming more successful are generally rewarded with robust sales and the ability to get bigger.

For Michael Uffner, the real key to expansion comes at the next level.

“It’s one thing for the leader of a company to have a desire to get larger and another to have a highly competitive group of managers that wants to get larger,” said Uffner, who purchased AutoTeam Delaware with his wife, Marilyn, in 1982.

Business Briefing

Location: 1606 Pennsylvania Ave., Wilmington, DE 19806
Founded: 1916
Industry: Automotive
Generations: 2
Facebook: AutoTeam Delaware

AutoTeam Delaware has four dealerships throughout the state, Delaware Cadillac, Delaware Subaru and Kia of Wilmington, located in Wilmington on Pennsylvania Avenue, and Chevrolet of Dover. Although the Uffners have owned the business for 35 years, Auto Team Delaware was founded in 1916 by Eugene Du Pont, meaning it just celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Uffner challenges his 220 employees to compete against each other and against other dealerships to create the most vibrant working atmosphere. And when he looks for new employees, he searches for those who will fit into that culture.

“If there is a highly competitive person out there who is not happy where they are, they will be welcome in our organization,” Uffner said.

Auto Team Delaware isn’t just active in the showroom and service department. It contributes to many non-profits and encourages its employees to be active in the community.

And to create a culture of success.

Join us June 22 at the Family-Owned Business Award ceremony

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