Bank of America invests $200,000 in West Center City and Quaker Hill

Bank of America has invested $200,000 in the Wilmington Renaissance Corporation towards mobilizing artists engaged with improving the Quaker Hill and West Center City neighborhoods.

The investment comes as Mayor Mike Purzycki rolls out his Neighborhood Stabilization Plan for West Center City — the first neighborhood in a citywide initiative to focus extra resources on communities in need.

“The Neighborhood Builder Award will allow us to fund the first two years of Project HEAL, including staffing needs,” said Carrie Gray, managing director at Wilmington Renaissance Corporation. “Once complete, the Project will increase community cohesiveness and lead to documented change, as demonstrated by its success in other cities.”

Bank of America supports nonprofits like the Wilmington Renaissance Corporation through its Neighborhood Builders program.

“Organizations like Wilmington Renaissance Corporation are instrumental in strengthening the economic health of Delaware,” said Chip Rossi, Delaware market president at Bank of America. “Neighborhood Builders gives us the opportunity to partner with local nonprofits to advance economic and social progress and help communities across the country grow responsibly.”

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