Bank of America supports conservation of 13 classic works of art

Bank of America will provide a grant to the Delaware Art Museum for the conservation of 13 works of art by prominent American artists, including the Wyeth family, Frank Schoonover and Edward Loper.

“We are honored to receive this incredible support from Bank of America for such an important collection of works given to the Museum by DuPont,” said Sam Sweet, executive director and CEO at the Delaware Art Museum. “These restoration and conservation treatments will ensure that future generations will be able to learn from and enjoy these remarkable pieces that are tied to our local community.”

The collection was formerly owned by DuPont, before it sold off a number of original works to local institutions.

The grant will pay for the cleaning, repair and reframing of all 13 pieces, which range from watercolors and oil paintings to fabric and seashell assemblages.

“We’re honored to have the opportunity to help the Delaware Art Museum conserve these 13 historic pieces of art,” said Chip Rossi, Delaware market president at Bank of America. “These major paintings are local treasures and we’re excited to play a role in ensuring they will remain in Delaware, on view, for generations to come.”


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