Waste Masters Teams Up With Philadelphia Eagles To Expand Go Green Efforts

Steve Masterson co-owner of Waste Masters Solutions The Philadelphia Eagles and Waste Masters Solutions will take their green efforts to the next level by installing the Eco-Safe Digester® and analytics platform at Lincoln Financial Field. Designed to optimize efficiency and proper disposal of food waste, this eco-friendly mechanism is evidence of the Philadelphia…

The Future of Blockchain: How Blockchain ledgers could help protect assets within a Delaware Series LLC

John Williams President IncNow Delaware is on the forefront of Corporate law. The most recent example happened on July 21 of this year, when Delaware Governor John Carney signed Senate Bill 69 into law which amended sections of the Delaware General Corporate Law (DGCL) to include blockchain (also known as “shared ledger”) amendments,

Use Unlicensed Software at Your Own Risk

Lisa Detwiler President SSD Technology Partners Is every copy of software installed across your organization properly licensed? Very few can answer this question with any level of certainty. According to a 2016 survey conducted by BSA and IDC, 39 percent of all installed software was not properly licensed. Even in highly regulated…