Cnverge moves part of its team to Austin


Cnverge, the Delaware start-up that created a Real-Time Collaborative Visual Planning application that runs entirely in the browser, has relocated part of its team to Austin, Texas.

Cnverge allows teams to collaboratively create, plan, and manage any process in a shared visual workspace, on the devices they already love: Macs, PCs, Desktops/Laptops, iPad, Android, SmartTV’s, even XboxOne.

John Kirk, who with Richard Prieto are cofounders of the company, said the company will still be headquartered in Delaware but settling in the “Silicon Hills” gives them a much more established technical environment and access to  “tech companies that we’re targeting.”

They also were one of five start-ups selected to participate in the IBM and Launch Festival Smart Camp pitch session Sept. 16, and, though they didn’t win it, it did give them exposure to the Austin tech community.

Kirk said they are working closely with the IBM cloud team in Austin as they refine the beta version of Cnverg and ready it for the general public.

If you are interested in an invite to try the beta version, Kirk urges you to sign up at their website,


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