Grace Stockley

Grace Stockley
Grace Stockley

Working for FideliTrade for the past 17 years, Grace has been instrumental in developing the business and growing the firm as a national leader in the field. In large part to her hard work, FideliTrade now employs 55 full-time staff, operates four company-owned facilities comprised of more than 72,000 square feet, and annually ships more than $500 million worth of product. Grace exemplifies Delaware’s best: she is an intelligent, energetic, ethical professional who will represent the state well into the future.

Age: 38

Vice President of Marketing & Business Development

FideliTrade, Inc. 


Your biggest break: My biggest break was being selected as one of five Wilmington Trust employees chosen to start FideliTrade. Now, as we employ 55 people, I’m honored to have been promoted to Vice President. 

Best career advice you ever got: Do what you love — all careers are challenging but challenges are much easier to deal with when you like your environment overall.

How you give back: I mentor and stay involved with teens in the community. Keeping the lines of communication open with children and teens is so important.

Your biggest challenge: Raising two daughters. Dedicating time to work and my teenagers leaves little time for anything else.

Networking group you use the most: Wilmington Metropolitan Urban League Young Professionals; it’s great being surrounded by other young professionals seeking to make a difference.

Work-life balance technique you recommend: Work hard and try to make a difference and help others. We all need each other at some point. When I’m not at work, I’m focused on family.



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