LaKresha S. Roberts

LaKresha S. Roberts
LaKresha S. Roberts

LaKresha believes that by advocating for children and ensuring they receive the services and support they need, Delaware will see its brightest future. Most recently, she became a deputy in the Domestic Violence Unit of the Family Division, where she focuses on protecting and serving children and families who fall victim to some of the most serious domestic violence cases.

Age: 33

Deputy Attorney General

Delaware Department of Justice 


Your biggest break: My biggest break was having the opportunity to work as a law clerk in Family Court.  It jump-started my legal career, which is firmly rooted in serving children and families.

Work Life Balance technique you recommend: Unfortunately I have not yet mastered this skill. I would, however, recommend always making your family and friends a priority.

Best career advice you ever got: Someone I deeply respect once told me to make sure that I do work that I love so that I always feel fulfilled professionally.

How you give back: I really enjoy serving on non-profit boards. It is a great opportunity to work along with many other talented individuals to assist an organization in fulfilling its mission and supporting the public.

Your biggest challenge: My biggest challenge is being patient.  I tend to want everything right now, when the reality is that everything will happen when it’s meant to.

Networking group you use the most: I am a 2015 Leadership Fellow. This has, by far, been the best networking group I’ve been involved with, because I have the full support of a group of talented, driven and accomplished professionals who I also consider to be friends.



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