Melissa Hopkins

Melissa Hopkins
Melissa Hopkins

The Rodel Foundation would not be able to accomplish its mission to help Delaware build one of the finest systems of public education in the world by 2020 without Melissa. She is driven, determined, and has made a powerful impact since joining the Rodel Foundation in 2011.

Age: 37

Director, External Affairs

Rodel Foundation of Delaware


Your biggest break:  Being hired to serve as legislative aide to Council woman Stephanie McClellan in 2006. She was and continues to be a trusted mentor. It was the opportunity I needed to start working in politics.

Best career advice you ever got: Never run away from a job, but always run toward an opportunity.

How you give back: I enjoy volunteering for a variety of organizations.

Your biggest challenge: Finding enough hours in the day to accomplish everything.

Networking group you use the most: I have found the Leadership Delaware community to be the trusted network of professionals I utilize the most.

Work-life balance technique you recommend: I don’t check email between the time I leave work until after I put my son to bed. That time is dedicated to spending time with my family.



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