Spencer Graves

Spencer Graves
Spencer Graves

Spencer is a great example of how Delaware attracts great talent. He has been a radio personality sensation since the age of 17, and WSTW’s broad reach provides a great platform for Spencer to deliver honest reporting in light and comedic fashion. Delaware is lucky to have such a multi-dimensional talent leading our morning commute.

Age: 33

Co-host, The Wakeup Crew Morning Show on 93.7 WSTW

Delmarva Broadcasting


Social media you can’t live without: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the majors. All three are needed for various reasons (@SpencerGraves / @mrspencergraves).

Your biggest break: Not really a “break,” but setting off fireworks in the studio and talking openly about “nut gate” at a local Catholic school are the biggest standouts from my radio career in Delaware.

Best career advice you ever got: Following the rules will rarely get you noticed.

How you give back: I’m a big advocate for pit bulls with Pit Bull Pride of Delaware. I also support A Voice for Alzheimer’s and am a supporter of children’s hospitals.

Your biggest challenge: The idea of that “if it isn’t broken …”

Networking group you use the most: The radio. Sounds bizarre, but it’s the greatest place I’ve been able to meet such amazing people.

Work-life balance technique you recommend: I’m a “lifestylist.” I work to live, not live to work. Life is where you’ll find more creative answers than sitting in the office or having your head lost in a computer.



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