DBT40 Honoree: Bailey O’Brien

Photo By Luigi Ciuffetelli

Age: 22
Title: President
Workplace: D150 Fueling LLC

The youngest honoree, Bailey O’Brien owns his own company (along with two other University of Delaware students), which he started before entering his senior year. D150 Fueling is an on-site fueling company that brings fuel trucks into commercial companies’ sites during off hours (typically at night) and fills their fleet with fuel, thus eliminating employee downtime wasted while stopping at a gas station during business hours. D150 also offers fuel cheaper than most stations. In April 2018, the firm finished in first place at the University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship’s Hen Hatch competition, walking away with a check for $12,500 in the process. In July of 2018, the founders participated in the first annual Entrepreneurship Summit run by the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Development Center, winning the 2018 NCC Innovates Entrepreneurial Sponsorship Award.

In his community, O’Brien volunteers with the LABRE Foundation, which cooks and delivers meals to the homes of 50 needy families every Monday. As a former member of the rowing team at UD, he has also used his passion for the sport to organize a fundraiser, during which he rowed for 48 hours straight, breaking a world record and raising over $13,000 for the LABRE Foundation.

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