DBT40 Honoree: Daniel Eliot of the University of Delaware

Photo by Ron Dubick

AGE: 32
TITLE: Manager of Technology Business Development
COMPANY: University of Delaware Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships, Small Business Development Center
CITY: Newark

What the nominator said: “Daniel Eliot gets things done. He brings a fresh, creative perspective, combined with a disciplined approach and tremendous energy. He has overtaken management of the Digital Compass™ and DatAssured™ programs, as well as the SBIResource™ program, which helps innovators apply for seed funding, helping them to develop their new technology. Daniel has a history of making things happen in his short time here in Delaware, and has quickly earned a promotion to Manager of Technology Business Development.”

Your biggest break: Getting the opportunity to work with the Manufacturing Science & Technology programs at Eli Lilly & Co. right out of my undergraduate program.

Best career advice you ever got: “Always have a plan.”

Two words that best describe you: Calm and compassionate.

Work/life balance technique you recommend: Put the phone away when you get home. The e-mails will always be there tomorrow.

If you were in charge of Delaware: I’d add a Secretary of Science & Innovation to the Governor’s Cabinet.

In one sentence, define “success.” To me, success is one’s individual feeling that they’ve done everything they could do to make the world a better place for him/herself and others.”

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