DBT40 Honoree: Jay Patel

Photo By Luigi Ciuffetelli

Age: 29
Title: Owner
Workplace: Greenhill Pharmacy

There was a time when you could find a pharmacy on virtually every city street corner. Jay Patel, owner of Greenhill Pharmacy, has built his independent pharmacy chain of four locations in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey with that old-school idea in mind. He uses the motto, “In the joy of others lies our own” to help those in need, offering counsel on what products his customers should use, providing individualized care for each patient, and even going out of his way to deliver medicine to homebound clients.

He entered the business at age 25 when he saw that the retail pharmacy business had lost that intimate connection between staff and patient, and has since helped to revitalize an approach to “bedside manner” that harkens back to a time almost forgotten. He helps improve the community through medicinal education, warm blanket donations for the underprivileged and a strong interest in local social programs.


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