DBT40 Honoree: Joseph Jakubowski of Duffield Associates

Photo by Luigi Ciuffetelli


AGE: 38
TITLE: Senior Geotechnical Engineer/Regional Manager
COMPANY: Duffield Associates Inc.
WORKS IN: Wilmington

What the nominator said:

“Joe is a talented civil engineer and partner at Duffield Associates Inc., whose talent and strong work ethic are complemented by his leadership skills, as well as his community, educational, and environmental passions. He maintains numerous affiliations with professional and charitable organizations, including the Delaware Association of Professional Engineers, Food Bank of Delaware and American Society of Engineers.”

Social media platform you can’t live without:

“Facebook. I don’t post a lot, but I enjoy seeing my friends’ activities, excitement and accomplishments.”

Biggest break:

“Moving to Delaware. The University of Delaware wasn’t on the top of my list of schools, but my parents provided me with great advice and told me to take a chance. It was a great opportunity that I would’ve missed
if I didn’t step outside my comfort zone.”

Two words that best describe you:

Motivated and approachable.

Work/life balance technique you recommend:

“Understand — and prioritize between — urgent and important tasks to avoid getting too overwhelmed. Outside of work, have a diverse group of friends and activities that expose you to different personalities and create great experiences.”

Your advice for the next generation:

“Allow yourself to daydream about the future and forget about everyday responsibilities. Setting long-term goals and envisioning yourself in five years will motivate you in the short term and provide direction.”

In one sentence, define success:

“To me, success means being a trusted resource to my family, friends, clients, and profession, positively impacting the community and maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle.”

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