DBT40 Honoree: Margaret Winslow

Photo By Luigi Ciuffetelli

Age: 38
Title: Curator of Contemporary Art
Workplace: Delaware Art Museum

Margaret Winslow is an exemplar of professionalism and public service. As the curator of contemporary art at the Delaware Art Museum, Winslow is naturally adept at presenting engaging and thought-provoking art she believes will both inspire and engage the community in which she works and lives. During her time at the museum, Winslow has curated dozens of exhibitions, more than half of which were original projects, for which she defined the concepts, selected the artists and works of art, and managed the installation and interpretation of the material through catalogs, wall texts, and brochures. Her exhibitions balance local, regional, and national perspectives and, as a proponent of civically engaged, socially responsive museum work, she has innovatively collaborated with artists on exhibitions that speak to communities and communities of color.

In 2018, Winslow took her talents to the University of Delaware, where she taught a course on “The Occupation of Wilmington in Images” for the Africana Studies Department. Further outside the gallery setting, she helped found the New Wilmington Art Alliance, is a committee member of Wilmington Sitting Together is Radical (STIR), serves as Public Ally and Program Administrator for the Delaware Humanities, and has served an advisor to Fringe Wilmington. Her connections to the Creative Vision Factory, the Delaware Contemporary, and the University of Delaware have led to beneficial partnerships between the museum community and key local arts and educational institutions.

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