DBT40 Honoree: Sharee Dorsett

Photo By Luigi Ciuffetelli

Age: 39
Title: Team Leader
Workplace: CSC

Sharee Dorsett prides herself on being “Delaware homegrown,” just like the company she works for, CSC, which was founded in the First State nearly 120 years ago. In her years of working for the global provider of corporate and legal services, Dorsett has used her personal value system every day to get ahead: no one owes you anything and you have to work hard to stand out. She worked her way up from a customer service representative to assistant manager in just six months. She now works as a team leader with a group of more than 30 customer service representatives under her in the small business division of CSC.

Her most recent professional accomplishment was launching a non-emergency medical transportation company, ShuttleU Transportation. She volunteers her free time with the City of Love Church, a nonprofit organization where her leadership role consists of community development and connection. She has helped with homeless food distribution, homeless re-entry assistance and after-school tutoring. She also volunteers in the business development program at Junior Achievement.


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  1. My hardest was never good enough for Sharee as a subordinate even with all the commendation, sales, and credit I provided to the company we worked for. She told me I acted like her children when disciplined which I will never forget and will always disagree with. I was told I would have a job a co-worker of mine was moving out of and Sharee stripped the table linens from the table. She wants happy faces and bleeding hands.

  2. Apparently you can block comments as if you are scared of them being published for public view. Hmm. You told me CSC was KIND to me? No way Jose. You ripped me off by telling me something would be mine and then telling me I didn’t deserve it. You NEVER showed me proof, NEVER. I will never work with you again but I’m sure there are many, many, many more people in CSC who are more honest than you ever were. You’re a liar as far as far as I’m concerned until you show me the proof you promised almost three years ago and never did. That’s a failure as a leader if I ever heard one. You lied to me to cut me out when I was one of the BEST REPS YOU HAD LEFT. You’re only out for yourself and yours. No wonder everyone has dispersed including you. Great leadership Sharee.


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