DCAD welcomes students derailed by closure of Art Institute of Philadelphia

Art Institute of Philadelphia will cease operation on August 28, and Delaware College of Art and Design is stepping up to welcome students whose degrees could be derailed.

“Our admissions deadline for Fall 2018 is Aug. 1, and students who would have been entering their first or second year at the Art Institute of Philadelphia are welcome to contact us to see how they could begin or continue their higher education without interruption at DCAD,” said Dean Katy Ro.

“As an accredited, nonprofit institution, DCAD is eager to assist students whose career goals require completion of a high-quality professional art and design program.”

DCAD offers a similar line-up of associate degree programs, including studies in animation, graphic design, fine arts, illustration and photography. The school also touts its ability to prepare students for four-year bachelor’s programs.

A number of students have already reached out, according to DCAD.

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