DE Turf Sports Complex open for business

The DE Turf Sports Complex held its first major sporting event last weekend. The 84-acre facility, located off Route 1 in Frederica, boasts 12 turf fields and will largely serve traveling soccer, lacrosse and field hockey teams.

“We have an AstroTurf based product, so it has the crumb rubber in-fill which allows for more bounce as you’re running,” Executive Director Chris Giacomucci said in a news release. “It allows for protection from injuries, so we’re excited. Our fields have really turned out beautifully.”

DE Turf projects the complex will bring $18 million over 10 years into Delaware’s economy. District 17 Senator Brian Bushweller has stated that economic development was the main motivation for the project.

The complex cost $24 million. An official ribbon-cutting is scheduled for May 13.


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