Delaware refinery to pay $218K for environmental violations

(AP) — A Delaware oil refinery has agreed to pay $218,000 in penalties for violating environmental laws.

State officials announced two settlements with the Delaware City Refining Company on Tuesday.

The settlements come one year after the refinery was fined $150,000 for violating a 2013 order by concealing 17 shipments of crude oil to locations other than the Paulsboro, New Jersey, refinery owned by parent company PBF Energy. The refinery agreed to pay a $100,000 penalty and to seek permission before shipping crude oil anywhere other than the Paulsboro facility.

The refinery also agreed to pay a $118,000 penalty for exceeding its permitted wastewater discharge limits from December 2014 through August 2017. The refinery will offset a portion of that penalty by conducting shoreline stabilization activities at the nearby Fort DuPont complex.

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