Downtown Visions welcomes 13 new safety ambassadors

Downtown Wilmington Safety Ambassadors
Downtown Wilmington last week welcomed 13 new cleaning and safety ambassadors who recently completed a two week training program to prepare for the role.

The ambassadors, clad in black and yellow uniforms, serve as the public face of Downtown Visions. The nonprofit agency manages the downtown Wilmington Business Improvement District, which handles a wide array of economic development efforts throughout the central business district.

The agency employs 30 cleaning and safety ambassadors. Each employee receives 80 hours of training in patrol tactics, customer service training, weaponless defense and conflict deescalation. They also learn about local history and attractions, so they can serve as promoters as well as protectors.

Downtown Visions encourages visitors and residents to approach ambassadors with questions or other needs. Escort services can also be arranged ahead of time.

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