Dukes Lumber Co. Inc.

Pictured above: Dale Dukes and family
Pictured above: Dale Dukes and family

28504 Dukes Lumber Road, Laurel, DE 19956

business briefing

Headquarters: 28504 Dukes Lumber Road, Laurel, DE 19956
Founding: 1963
Industry: Retail Lumber
Number of employees: 25
Number of family members: 5
Number of family board members: 2
Principal owner(s): Dale Dukes

In their own words

What sets your business apart?
Family owned and operated for 54 years, Dukes Lumber realizes that in a volatile economy, you must always remember customer service and quality product will keep you in business. Dukes Lumber has done so over more than a half-century of doing business, staying ahead of a shifting economy and competition from big box stores

Describe a success you’re proud of:
Dukes Lumber is involved with several community service projects, from building   ramps for the disabled and helping to remodel nearby homes that have fallen into disrepair in the community. Dukes is known for its customer service, and pride themselves on answering every question and satisfying every customer.


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