DuPont overhauls global parental leave policy

DuPont on Tuesday, May 14 announced a new parental leave policy that offers four weeks of paid leave for new parents, including adoptive and same-sex parents. For birth mothers, the four paid weeks are in addition to an enhanced paid maternity leave which has been extended to 12 weeks. The new policy takes effect on June 1 in the United States and across all global locations no later than the end of 2020.

The policy applies new global minimum leave benefits, ensuring all employees receive at least these levels.

Parents have the option of taking their four weeks of paid leave all at one time or intermittently during the first year. The policy also applies for each new child — not just the first.

“We are proud of our employees and when they become a new parent, we are excited to help them thrive at work and at home,” said Marc Doyle, chief executive officer-elect for DuPont and chief operating officer for the DowDuPont Specialty Products Division. “Great companies care about their employees. This policy demonstrates that we care about our employees’ well-being empowering them with the flexibility to make it easier to choose both family and career. What’s more, it will enhance our ability to attract and retain top talent and lead to the continued success of our company as we transform our workplace.”

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