Export Delaware headed to Singapore, Vietnam in search of trade partners

Saigon by night. Photo via Flickr user dronepicr

The Export Delaware team at the Department of State is going to Singapore and Vietnam for six days in September to explore opportunities for businesses looking to expand global trade.

The team is inviting small and medium-sized businesses to join them on the visit for a chance to meet face-to-face with potential distributors and customers in two of Asia’s most robust economies.

Export Delaware touts both countries strong business cultures, English proficiency and free trade agreements.

Singapore is known for its healthcare system, which hosts operations for eight of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies. The nation also has two major universities, 7,000 researchers and 50 R&D companies.

Vietnam, meanwhile, has the second highest growth rate (5.4 percent) in all of Asia, and it remains stable compared to the surrounding region.

Your participation on the trip includes:

  • Assistance from State of Delaware’s trade representative, Sarath Menon in-country, and the Export Delaware team.
  • Translation of sales presentations and materials (if needed) and in-country transportation and interpreters on the trip.
  • Preparation session, in-country briefing and follow-up support after the trip.

The trip will take place Sept. 21-26. More information is available here: https://export.delaware.gov/2017/11/09/business-trip-singapore-vietnam/

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