Fastest 50: TekSolv

Photo by Eric Crossan

Location: Newark

TekSolv focuses on safety, training, and rescue services, systems integrations and oilfield automation services, engineering, environmental, and occupational health services, safety retail sales, and safety equipment sales and service. We’ve expanded the infrastructure and secured industry-proven professionals as well as provide turnkey services and transformative technology solutions.

What have been the biggest factors that contributed to your company’s growth over the past three years?
The market that we are in changes very quickly. With our diverse team and leadership, we are willing to change with the market and with the customers. The customer service and support we have with our clients allows us to change with the fast paced market. 

Looking back, what’s the biggest mistake you made and what would you do differently if you could?
There was a big expansion in Texas toward the beginning of the company that ended with us having to close that office. We believe we should have grown a bigger client base before opening a new office. However, we were able to rebuild and keep clients there.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned over the past three years?
The importance of keeping your clients and customers happy, starting with a strong internal team. We look for employees who are easy to work with and who are willing to work longer hours when needed. We’ve learned that our customers and clients want to work with companies that they can rely on and that are going to be there to support them.

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