Buckley’s Auto Care

Buckley’s Auto Care is a family-owned-and-operated automotive repair and resource center that provides professional automotive services to northern Delaware. In 1966, Gene Buckley started his two bay service station only blocks from where he grew up. His son, Greg Buckley, took over 42 years ago and today runs it with his wife Patty. Another generation of family members is well-integrated, holding positions from auto technician to high-level administrator.

Michele, Greg’s sister, has a background in finances, which qualifies her for accounting duties. Their son, Scott, has a degree in computer science and interned at the Apple HQ in Cupertino, California, which qualifies him to serve as CTO.

“No matter how small your company is, everyone has to have a role to play in it,” said Greg Buckley. “If we are to bring in other individuals (family or not) we have to have a need based on work volume or specialty service.”

The company is still guided by its founding premise: treat all people ethically and without prejudice.

“Like any family named business, we hang a lot on our name. Pride, service, value, compassion, professionalism, equality, outreach. My goal is to see those qualities remain a part of our business for generations to come,” said Buckley. “With our third-generation members joining us, my goal is to make sure they see the operation as a commitment to service of others. We can’t survive if that isn’t understood.”




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Fun fact:
Buckley family roots go back almost 100 years in the Wilmington area, with business interests in everything from liquor to furniture, painting and selling books. 

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