Half Baked Patisserie

Half Baked Patisserie specializes in fresh gourmet cupcakes, desserts, custom cakes, catering, and dog treats.

Amanda and Tammy Nichols visited a busy Middletown café during Amanda’s high-school years. Amanda always thought of it as the perfect bakery. As she neared graduation, the café closed and Tammy raised the idea of opening the bakery. Despite some personal challenges, the pair saved up and opened Half Baked after nearly a year of planning.

The Nichols’ opened Half Baked in Middletown with the locals in mind, offering a “homemade” product in an environment that felt like a home away from home. Tammy manages the business and direct sales and marketing while Amanda manages all production and food quality.

“We strive to show our community that we are a team,” says Tammy. “One unit if you will. We want to be remembered for our commitment to excellent service and for our support of our local community.



Food and beverage

Full-time employees:

Family members:


Fun fact:
Most of our ideas are generated by the youngest members of the family.

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