Nason Construction

Nason Construction Inc. provides construction management, design-build and general contracting solutions for clients in a variety of market sectors throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the Eastern Shore. More than half of Nason’s annual revenues come through construction management, and from a long track record of delivering projects on time and on budget.

The company’s founding principles have consistently resulted in significant repeat business. More than 85 percent of its current projects directly originated from a client, architect or engineer, or from their referral, and 60 percent of this work is negotiated construction management contracts.

Like other nominees, Nason policy is that any family member who enters the business must start from the bottom, meaning that each person begins in estimating to learn the business, visit job sites, and work in the field prior to being elevated within the company. Nason offers internships and summer and holiday work opportunities for family members who are of work age because it believes the best way to identify whether a younger person is interested in the field
is to expose them to it through summer jobs and internships.

President Julie Tomkis Nason says the best advice she can offer is to “concentrate on hiring processes as it is ALL about the right people and to hire slow and fire fast. Also, it is critical to create a culture in an organization as the philosophy of a company can only be successful if you have a successful culture.”




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Fun fact:
Nason began in 1922 and as the Great Depression hit, it survived by building swimming pools for those who could afford such a luxury.

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