HR Awards: Cindy Davidson

Cindy Davidson

Director of Business Solutions



Training and Development

Number of full-time employees:
7 full time (3 part time)

How long have you been with the company?
5 years

How long have you been in a HR role?
I am in a role that supports HR. Training and development — major responsibilities in previous leadership roles.

Championing HR
As SHRM Foundation DESHRM Chair of the Committee, Davidson has worked to raise money and educate other HR professionals, engage community partners to support DESHRM meetings and annual conferences. She also provides complimentary workshops and takes the time to offer consultation and training within the field.

Champion Impact
Clients in Delaware and beyond tell Davidson that the solutions she recommend and the on-site workshops and certifications she coordinates make a positive difference in their hiring and employee development, including engagement, teamwork, productivity and enhancements of specific business skills. She provides no-cost, no-obligation consultation on training and development challenges to HR professionals.

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