HR Awards: Erika Broadwater

Erika Broadwater
National President

Company: National Association of African Americans in Human Resources

Atlanta, Georgia, but Broadwater is based in Bear

What were the key issues/challenges faced that required an innovative solution?

Over the last few years, I have seen a tremendous need to improve the overall "candidate/new hire" experience across many industries and companies. It took surveys, feedback, collaboration and data points to identify the gaps and develop the resolutions. I have designed an onboarding program that suits their needs through their first 100 days. While in project strategy sessions, I built team leads that would take each major area of concern to conduct the research and report back results. Then we identified the appropriate tools and/or resources to come up with a best practice solution.Combining all strategies and presenting the overall onboarding program, we rolled out each phase in three parts to ensure success before moving onto the next phase.

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