HR Awards: Julia McDerby

Julia McDerby
HR Director

Company:Artisans' Bank (Wilmington)

How have you stepped up and taken on additional HR responsibilities?

In May of 2015, I transitioned from a branch manager into the HR department as a HR and payroll officer. Through education and on-the-job training, I was able to demonstrate a mastery of skills and was continually entrusted with important work and progressive responsibilities. After a brief acclimation period I upgraded our company's HRIS and enhanced internal processes to improve department efficiency. I also led the research and reclassification of employees to comply with FLSA changes, conducted companywide trainings and increased our recruiting presence on social media and in the community. My success in this role, along with the mentoring of my predecessor, led to my promotion as HR director in January of 2018.

What are the skills/contributions that have positioned you within your organization as an emerging leader?

As a commitment to the HR field and my pursuit of knowledge, I achieved the SHRM-CP certification and am currently enrolled at Wilmington University to obtain my master's degree in HR. As the new HR director, I have focused heavily on employee training initiatives and development, updating company handbook and policies, increasing diversity and analyzing market competitiveness in benefits and compensation. I also serve on the Board of Education for the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington.

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