HR Awards: Lori Koval

Lori Koval
Associate Director,
Talent Acquisition

Company: University of Delaware (Newark)

How have you helped your organization acquire, retain or engage new talent?

I was the first official central human resources recruiter for UD. Prior to my arrival, most recruiting was done in a decentralized manner in each of the seven colleges. I helped to develop an understanding of the importance of a more centralized talent acquisition model where the talent acquisition team plays point in creating a strategic recruiting plan to target candidates for specific roles. I've been able to fill many hard-to-fill, high-level roles across campus that used to be filled by retained and contingent search firms.

How are you measuring your results?

When I first came onboard here, we could see how many roles were filled, a general time to fill, and turnover. We recently went to a new applicant-tracking system that has a much more robust reporting system. With this new system, we can better track some key talent acquisition metrics including the time it takes candidates to fill out our applications, the number of incomplete applications, delays in the hiring process, and reasons why candidates turn down their offers. We can also see source of hire which can assist in making decisions on where to get the most ROI from a posting. 

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