HR Awards: Dr. Nicole Romano

Dr. Nicole Romano

Assistant Vice President/Chief Human Resources Officer


Wilmington University


Team strategy:
When Wilmington University experienced rapid growth several years ago, it created several new challenges for the HR department in developing and sustaining a high-performance and high-touch team for employees. The team worked together in developing new initiatives and partnerships that would support the mission of recruiting, hiring and retaining the highest qualified individuals and encouraging and supporting a diverse atmosphere. The team implemented new technology to better support employees and business processes, including an online applicant tracking system, internal electronic business process for budget verifications and personnel action forms, online employee portal, comprehensive employee wellness program and wellness facility, and engaging employee benefit and wellness fairs. 

Employee impact:
The department’s work has increased efficiency, personal connectivity and positive employee experiences. It has created a culture that values diversity, creativity, teamwork, respect, opportunity, service, positive attitude, integrityand fun. It has created a working environment where employees feel engaged and safe. It has allowed employees an opportunity to focus on self-care and personal well-being as well as professional development. Further, it hasallowed employees to pay it forward through community involvement.

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