HR Awards: Terri Hartwell Easter

Terri Hartwell Easter

Founder & Principal


T.H. Easter Consulting LLC

Proffesional Services

Number of full-time employees:

How long have you been with the company?
11 years

How long have you been in a HR role?
11 years

Innovative Solutions
T.H. Easter Consulting takes the measure of the marketplace to determine what’s missing and where it can add value. Easter has developed a robust suite of programs and processes that use data, metrics and objective analysis to ensure that organizations have the ability to identify the right people with the right set of skills to lead effectively in their unique environments. The T.H. Easter Consulting approach is grounded in working with clients to develop a success profile for their unique environment that is inclusive and evidence-based. This insight is key to identifying transformative leaders.

The firm employs executive coaching, specialized skills development and experiential development, including on-the-job training and specialized simulations and classroom training. The goal is to identify and develop the right people with the specific skills and leadership competencies that will be successful within the context of the specific organization. The service provides a very rich and holistic report that individual participants and their managers can use to set a course for success with pinpoint accuracy.

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