John Stapleford retiring from Caesar Rodney Institute

John Stapleford, the PhD economist who heads the Caesar Rodney Institute will retire in August, and the think tank is looking for a new president.

John E. Stapleford

Stapleford, who has been associated with the institute on-and-off since 2010, secured grants and laid the groundwork for the nonprofit to advance legislation on issues from electric rates to education, said spokesman Samuel Friedman.

“A lot of it is due to John. When he came back in the fall, CRI was doing projects that were in every different direction. He made it his job to see to it we had clear objectives we could focus on for 2015,” Friedman said.

The institute is searching for a Delaware-based candidate to succeed Stapleford as president.

They seek a candidate proficient in managing databases and using web analytics, someone with a fundraising track record and experience organizing fundraising events. Other qualities they seek include proven policy expertise, experience building a senior management team and good public presence. The candidate would also be philosophically aligned with the institute’s support for t to individual liberty, personal freedoms, economic freedoms and improving performance, accountability and efficiency in Delaware government.

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