Fundraise Like a Boss: Boost Business Fundraising with Travel

Aiste Foreman
owner of Trabeona Travels LLC


Looking to raise money for your business or organization? Whether you run a nonprofit, are raising funds for a new business venture, or something else entirely, you can fundraise like a boss using travel. Travel fundraisers give you the opportunity to offer a destination or package as a raffle that is best suited for your audience, or book a group trip that allows your business or organization to raise money with travel fees. The best part about it, is your travel agent can do all of the legwork!

People are more likely to spend money toward a raffle for a cause or business if the prize available is something they wouldn’t normally purchase on their own, or is dear to their heart. Many people desire the opportunity to travel, but the majority of people who skip on a vacation cite cost as the reason. In an AP-NORC survey in May 2017, 43 percent of respondents said they planned to forgo vacation. Of those choosing to stick around home, 49 percent said they simply couldn’t afford to travel.

Travel gives the opportunity to choose a prize that is unique to your target audience at a price that is much more attainable. You can’t beat winning a vacation for a $20 investment in a raffle ticket. Electronics are a top giveaway item, but they aren’t unique. With a travel raffle, you could choose family fun trips, romantic getaways, experience packages, or something that caters to sports fans. Whether it’s for a themed fundraiser, or something that coincides with your particular fundraiser or organization, you can set up a vacation sure to peak the interest of your target audience.

With a raffle-style travel fundraiser, you can work with a travel agent to pick the destination that best fits your style, goals, and budget. Once you set a goal amount you would like to raise for your organization, you can determine raffle ticket cost and the amount of tickets to sell.

If you are looking for other ways to earn money back for your organization, another option is a group trip fundraiser. You can work with a travel agent to book seminars, conferences, business meetings, strategy sessions, or incentive trips and raise money with travel fees. These trips don’t have to include meetings in a stuffy conference room. You can choose a fun event like cooking classes onboard a cruise, wine river cruises in Europe, a family cruise, or a faith-based tour in Jordan. Whatever fits your organization’s style, needs, and vacation goals can be used to raise money.

Group travel fundraisers work by earning free “perks” based on the number of people in attendance. For example, your organization can earn free cabins on a cruise or free hotel rooms, adding cash value back to your organization. If you want to earn a little more, you can set the price slightly higher per ticket, generating more funds. The group gets an exciting and unique vacation, and your organization gets more money to support its cause.

Know that you want to raise money for your organization but you’re unsure what type of travel fundraiser is the best fit? Working with a travel agent means you won’t have to stress about the details. Your travel agent will be there every step of the way, from choosing the type of fundraiser, to finding a destination that will be near and dear to the hearts of the travelers, and even assisting with the best fundraising goal for your organization. Interested in finding out your options for travel fundraisers? Contact Aiste Foreman with Trabeona Travels by calling 302-648-5050, or visiting and put the fun back in fundraising.


Aiste Foreman owns Trabeona Travels LLC, a travel agency in Millsboro, DE. Aiste is passionate about travel and helping others step out of their comfort zone by immersing in different cultures. Her drive to help others experience the many benefits of travel is the reason why Aiste decided to turn her passion into a lifestyle. 

Aiste is also a member of Leadership Delaware, a program focused on developing leaders and impacting communities in the first state. 
To learn more about Trabeona Travels and to contact Aiste about finding a magnificent getaway, visit or call 302-648-5050

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