Leaders Must Schedule Personal Retreats to Focus on Reflection

Aiste Foreman
owner of Trabeona Travels LLC

Today's business world is filled with daily meetings, endless emails, text messages, social media updates and countless desk hours. Who has time to take a two-week vacation when paperwork continues to pile on our desks and meeting reminders clutter our phone screens.

According to Brad Lomenick and his book "H3 Leadership" business leaders must schedule regular retreats once or twice a year for a minimum of 3 days. "These aren't professional retreats where you catch up on projects, or family retreats where you will spend your time hanging with the kids at waterparks and playing miniature golf" states the author. "These must be personal retreats where you focus on reflection and introspection" adds Lomenick.

One might think: How do I squeeze a retreat into an already busy schedule? Here are some ideas:

Plan an extended weekend getaway to Europe. I do this quite often. Board the plane late evening Thursday, wake up in London Friday morning and come home Monday evening. This way only 2 work days are missed, but I have plenty of time to explore the city, experience the culture, take a break from all the stress and gain a different perspective. I always come home refreshed, well rested and reenergized. 

Enjoy a 3-day Carribean beach escape. If you feel less adventurous and need more time to find inner peace, grab a beach towel, a journal and settle in a shaded beach spot where you can finally let go. You don't need a plan; just enjoy the resort's amenities and beautiful beaches. Most Carribean Islands are within a 3-5-hour flight from Philadelphia. Take a Friday or a Monday off and escape the reality.

Spend a weekend visiting US destinations. Not feeling international travel? No worries, there is plenty to do in US. When you only have a few days to get away, look around the neighboring states and check their tourism website. You will find festivals and events, top things to do, outdoor, dinning and culture experience options. Wellness resorts is another great way to decompress and take time to find new purpose.

My favorite US weekend getaway spots are Sedona and Napa Valley. Each destination can be experienced in 4 days or less. For Sedona: arrive Thursday night, visit Grand Canyon Friday, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend Saturday, and fly back home Sunday. The schedule feels tight, but you will spend plenty of time outdoors exploring beautiful landscapes and plenty of time to reflect. For Napa Valley: arrive Napa Thursday, enjoy the winery tour Friday, take a sunrise hot air balloon ride Saturday, and fly home Sunday.

Vacation does not have to be long and complicated. Extended weekend getaways are not only great for personal retreats, but also an effective way to reconnect with friends and family. When you are ready to plan your extended weekend getaway, contact me, Aiste Foreman, online at www.trabeonatravels.com, or by calling 302-648-5050.


Aiste Foreman owns Trabeona Travels LLC, a travel agency in Millsboro, DE. Aiste is passionate about travel and helping others step out of their comfort zone by immersing in different cultures. Her drive to help others experience the many benefits of travel is the reason why Aiste decided to turn her passion into a lifestyle. 

Aiste is also a member of Leadership Delaware, a program focused on developing leaders and impacting communities in the first state. 
To learn more about Trabeona Travels and to contact Aiste about finding a magnificent getaway, visit https://www.trabeonatravels.com/ or call 302-648-5050

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