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For Lessard Builders, technology changes in the homebuilding industry have been both a blessing and a burden. Owner Brian Lessard said that over the past two decades, building materials have advanced at an incredible rate, but the term “disruptive technology” can sometimes be a literal term.

“When I was in the field, we never had interruptions. We went and we worked, with no cell phones, no computers. It was limited, but we were productive,” Lessard said. “However, it’s also helped because now we’re instantaneous, with tablets, phones, access to information immediately. So, technology has hurt us a little, but helped us a lot.”

The use of PVC materials and other environmentally safe products, Lessard said, has made construction easier and safer.

Being a homebuilder, Lessard is naturally a big proponent of the Delaware chapter of Habitat for Humanity, which he has supported every year. Lessard also says that 95 percent of the dollars the company spends and earns stays local, from contractors to products.

Business Briefing

Headquarters: 257 E. Camden-Wyoming Ave., Camden

Founded: 1985

Industry: Home Builders

Number of employees: 13

Number of family members: 4

On the Web: http://www.lessardbuilders.com/

Join us June 20 at the Family-Owned Business Award ceremony

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