Lyons Companies

David F. Lyons Sr., Dave Lyons Jr., Kate Lyons, Tim Lyons

1 Righter Parkway, Wilmington, DE 19803 | Facebook

business briefing

Headquarters: 1 Righter Parkway, Wilmington, DE 19803
Founding: 1984
Industry: Insurance/Risk Management/Employee Benefits/Human Capital Management
Number of employees: 48
Number of family members: 4
Number of family board members: N/A
Principal owner(s): David F. Lyons and Catherine Lyons

In their own words

What sets your business apart?
Lyons Companies provides an environment where employees can perform their job and be rewarded for good work, while feeling confident in the viability of the organization. We are a family-owned business that offers the flexibility to strike a real work/life balance, and we treat all our clients like family.

Describe a success you’re proud of:
Since 2004, Lyons Companies has partnered with Assurex Global, an exclusive network of the top independent brokers worldwide, selected for their ability to provide innovative, customer-driven insurance, risk management and employee benefits services. Lyons Companies has also partnered with the University of Delaware to present Economic Forecast, one of the top economic events in the area that has been incredibly successful.


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