Memorial Day Tribute – Wilmington Riverfront

The Rotary Club of Wilmington has erected a temporary American flag display at the Wilmington Riverfront directly in front of Constitution Yards on Justison Street in commemoration of Memorial Day. On Memorial Day itself, Monday, May 27 a brief ceremony will take place at noon to honor those who, in President Lincoln’s words, gave their “last full measure of devotion” in service to our country.

All are welcome to participate in this moving tribute that will feature a decorated US Marine Corps veteran of the Viet Nam war who will relate a brief history of the Memorial Day holiday as it has developed since the US Civil War that ended in 1865.

While Memorial Day has often been regarded as the start of the summer beach season and an excuse for sales in the retail world, those attending this respectful ceremony will be reminded of the true meaning of the day and the privileges of freedom we all enjoy because of the sacrifice of brave men and women who served in American armed forces.

Public parking is available nearby. Families are welcome and encouraged to attend. Due to the short length of the program, no seating will be available but visitors are encouraged to bring their own chairs if they wish. Constitution Yards will be open for food, beverage and entertainment following the ceremony.

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