Mercantile Press Inc.

Coleman "Corky" Bye III
Coleman “Corky” Bye I

3007 Bellevue Ave., Wilmington, DE 19802 | Facebook

business briefing

Headquarters: 3007 Bellevue Ave., Wilmington, DE 19802
Founding: 1884
Industry: Printing/Packaging
Number of employees: 12
Number of family members: 1
Number of family board members: 3
Principal owner(s): Coleman E. Bye III and Coleman E. Bye, Jr.

In their own words

What sets your business apart?
Mercantile Press Inc. (MPI) primarily serves the medical device, pharmaceutical and agrichemical industries and expertise with companies/industries regulated by the FDA and EPA. We are managed by a state-of-the-art management information system, which helps integrate estimating, order entry, raw materials and finished goods inventory and scheduling.

Describe a success you’re proud of:
Mercantile Press (MPI) has maintained its success by carefully listening to our customers, collaborating with our vendors and trade resources, and developing innovative solutions that bring real value to their business. Our expertise in working with companies in regulated industries such as medical device, pharmaceutical and agrichemical, is key in saving companies time and money by understanding the challenges they face with regards to compliance issues.Mercantile-Press_LogoSm

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