Nerd Wallet says Wilmington good for STEM graduates


NerdWallet, a personal financial education and consumer advocacy website, recently undertook a nationwide analysis to identify the best places in the U.S. for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) graduates to live. The Wilmington metropolitan area ranked #28 out of the Top 100. According to
the survey:

• The Wilmington metro area features 74.18 STEM employees per 1,000 jobs and an impressive average STEM salary of $87,260.

• Along with a median rent of $997, lower than many other top cities on this list, the Wilmington area has become an attractive destination for employees seeking to work in the STEM fields.

“It is our goal to continue to make Wilmington a city that is appealing to STEM-trained graduates, as well as to the companies who rely on them,” said Mayor Dennis P. Williams. Visit this link to read the full study from NerdWallet.

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