New Castle County doubles down on unpaid taxes

New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer last week announced a new partnership with school districts to collect long-term unpaid property taxes and sewer service fees.

The county executed a similar action last fall to collect short-term delinquent property taxes, eventually securing $1.5 million in payments and cutting the short-term delinquency rate by 50 percent. The Meyer administration went after long-term delinquent taxes as well, but they were much more difficult to secure.

The partnership with the school districts, which account for 80 percent of property taxes, is designed to spread the administrative expenses of going after harder-to-find delinquents.

“County property taxes fund county police, paramedics, and 911 communications, along with libraries, parks and the many services we provide to the public,” Meyer said. “You and I pay our property taxes and sewer fees. All of our neighbors must pay too. Do the right thing. Make arrangements to pay your past-due bill now or face additional fees and restrictions on your property.”

Professional Recovery Consultants (PRC), a collection agency, will handle the direct outreach, including written correspondence and phone calls.

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