New Castle County approves Transportation Improvement Districts

The New Castle County Council has approved an ordinance that would allow County Council to create special Transportation Improvement Districts (TID).

These districts would outline the transportation needs of a given area and charge developers using a formula to help pay for the improvements.

The current system, says County Executive Matt Meyer, forces developers to pay for improvements on a piecemeal basis, often placing a heavy burden on the first developer venturing into a congested area. This new system would help spread the costs and tackle larger transportation needs.

“Under existing traffic rules, areas across New Castle County are stuck with congestion that is only getting worse,” says Meyer. “If we keep doing what we are doing, we will keep getting what we are getting. Thank you to the leaders on County Council who voted for common-sense legislation that forces every developer to pay their fair share to improve the flow of traffic in areas that we as a community designate.”

Each TID would require a public process and County Council vote for approval.

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