New law allows 2,000 additional state employees to collectively bargain

Gov. John Carney signing collective bargaining legislation

Gov. John Carney on May 30 signed legislation – Senate Substitute 1 for Senate Bill 8 – that protects public sector unions and allows more state employees to collectively bargain for higher wages.

“State employees protect our communities, teach our children, clear our streets, and provide critical services for Delaware families,” said Carney. “They ought to be paid what they’re worth. Investing in state employees, and our state workplaces, will help us attract and retain quality state employees, and deliver state services more effectively. I was proud to stand alongside union leaders and members of the General Assembly in signing this legislation into law.”

The new law will allow 2,000 additional state employees to collectively bargain for higher wages.

“Allowing more state workers to collectively bargain for better wages is a critical step toward improving the lives of all Delaware families,” said Sen. Jack Walsh, the prime sponsor of the legislation. “As the state’s largest employer, we have led the way time and again when it comes to caring for our workers. From paid parental leave and loan forgiveness for public school teachers to cost-of-living wage hikes and stronger labor unions, we are creating a stronger workforce and a brighter future for thousands of our residents.”

“This is a proud moment for our Unions that represent our state workers,” said James Maravelias, president of the Delaware State AFL-CIO. “This shows our constant commitment to their livelihood and our ever-present representation.”

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